Find Trendy Fashion Jewelry – Inexpensively!

July 20, 2010


Thanks to the wonder that is the Internet, you can literally shop the GLOBE for fantastic pieces to add to your collection.  Here are some great places to hunt down that trendy piece of jewelry to keep your wardrobe updated and fresh without investing a mortgage payment.


Bezeline Stackable Rings
I love LuLu’s for their eclectic taste.  Many of their current pieces look like they could fall effortlessly into the Anthropologie look, but I also love their nod to vintage and the more whimsical.


Vintage Beads Necklace

While their clothes look more towards the juniors set, the jewelry fits everyone.  They are ridiculously well-priced and very on trend.  I like to find some bolder, my rock-glam pieces here – but there are many good basics to find on the site as well.  Forever21 is exceptionally good at chain necklaces – of all types.  For the price of lunch at McDonald’s you can find a wardrobe’s worth of items here.

Cost Plus

Novica Memories Sterling Silver Chandelier Earrings
This is THE place to find great tribal-inspired pieces.  Intricate silver and bold beading ABOUNDS.  This place just makes me think of summer and the beach.


Circle Circle Dot Dot Bracelet
A Houston, TX go-to boutique is now online as well.  I am forever picking up some glam pieces here.  They are great for big statement pieces and pops of color to spice up a neutral outfit palette.

And while you’re out searching for those trendy pieces, don’t forget to look for those good, basic jewelry wardrobe staples.  A good strand of pearls is priceless, but finding five or six different strands to mix or match inexpensively is a great statement look as well!

Do you have a favorite online boutique that’s a go-to for inexpensive jewelry?  Share it in the comments!

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