The Case for Talking About Your BlogHer Clothes

July 17, 2010


The other night on Twitter I saw a comment that really kind of shocked me.  It had to do with someone making fun of all the discussions surrounding “What Should I Wear” or “What to Wear” to BlogHer ’10.  It would appear this person wanted to make a point about the “real” way to approach a conference and the “real” point of interacting.

It’s interesting to me that this person would think that just because you want to discuss fashion that you may have missed the point that conferences like BlogHer serve greater purposes like new connections, new friendships and tons of education.  As if discussing what you want to wear and being excited about getting a little dressed up or buying a new pair of shoes was all that defined you as a woman or an attendee.

I found it really sad that by making this comment it could deflate the enthusiasm of a newbie/first time attendee.  Where’s the Blogging with Integrity?  Where’s the support for others to come and join the fun and learn?  Exactly when did it become okay to limit the discussion on the internet to only what YOU find interesting or acceptable?  The internet’s big enough for all discussions – so back off the clothes, if you don’t mind, and consider for a moment a few things.

These are women – traveling to a conference who may or may not know a soul and want that extra shot of confidence from looking and feeling good.  LET THEM.  PROVIDE GUIDANCE.  HELP THEM OUT.  If you had a big job interview with a large organization you’d think about what you want to wear and make sure you’re outsides matches the confidence you have your abilities inside.  This is no different.  People want to dress appropriately – why is that so wrong to discuss?

These are also SMART women who know pretty clearly that two days of educational sessions and hours and hours of networking during fantastic experiences are not successfully executed solely on their wardrobe.  An uninteresting and narcissistic asshole with nothing to offer in Dolce & Gabbana pants is still an asshole.  We’re all old enough to know that by now.

And if you happened to have looked on the schedule for BlogHer you’ll notice there’s a fantastic ROYO session specifically for those of us who have an interest in fashion and blogging about it. 

So I’d ask you to give these women a break – and the benefit of the doubt while you’re at it.  For the hours and days and weeks and months of hard work of being a mom and wife and an employee and a daughter and a friend they put in, they are allowed to be excited about a great few days away to celebrate themselves and stretch their wings.  And if they want to get excited about what shoes go best with those wings – well more power to them.

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25 Responses to “The Case for Talking About Your BlogHer Clothes”

  1. Liz Says:

    Well said! I totally agree with you and noticed the twitter comment you are referring to as well, and I was kind of shocked. Why would someone want to put a damper on the excitement of another! Thanks for writing this, it needed to be said.

    • Pammer Says:

      Thanks, Liz – I appreciate the comment. And, yes, we should be nothing but excited about the adventure in NYC and support everyone who is equally as excited to attend!


  2. Kate, aka guavalicious Says:

    Yes, yes, yes! Would these same people just throw on flip flops and jeans for a business conference? Also, most of us just don’t get the opportunity to dress up in fun party clothes. That alone makes going to BlogHer worth it for me!

    • Pammer Says:

      Agreed – and I’m looking forward to putting on some party clothes as well – and meeting you!

      • Deandra Says:

        Francesa is a pompous jerk who purports to know everything when it comes to sports. His opinion is always right, so do7;28#1n&t disagree with him! Even when he gets something wrong (as he OFTEN does), he’ll spin his way out of his mistake.

  3. Kathryn (@Kat1124) Says:

    Tell it, girl! I’m jealous, I kind of wish I were going to BlogHer because it sounds like a fabulous time. Maybe next year. I hope you have a blast and I’d totally be worrying about what to wear if I were going.

  4. elz Says:

    Fashion should be fun and is fun to talk about. Women talk about clothes-little girls, teen-agers, and yes, even mommy bloggers. Once again, it’s evidence of women bloggers needing to support each other or, if you can”t support another’s idea then just close that browser without tearing her down!

  5. The Gosfam Says:

    Well I am not a fashion guru, but this is my first time at Blogher and YES I am worrying about what to wear. I want to discuss it and shout it from the rooftops–I need help. I want affordable clothes and fashionable clothes, plus comfy and cute shoes 🙂 Anyways thanks for sticking up for a Newbie who is excited for blogher and excited for what she might buy before she goes.

  6. MainlineMom Says:

    If I were you going to BlogHer (so jealous) you KNOW I would be talking about what to wear. As it stands, I have scored an invite to a BlogHer style event at LOFT in Philly with some bigtime bloggers there and I am PSYCHED.

    • Pammer Says:

      Honey, if you were going to BlogHer you’d not only be writing about it, there’d be VIDEO. 😉 So excited to hear about your LOFT invite!

  7. Jen L. Says:

    THANK YOU for this post! I actually wrote one about packing for BlogHer last week because guess what? This newbie did a DRY RUN and a DRESS REHEARSAL! (Had to make sure the fat rolls were under control, ya know?) I, for one, am so thankful for all the posts giving us newbies a little guidance. It makes it much less nerve-wracking. Looking forward to meeting you and all the other cool folks in NYC!!

    • Pammer Says:

      Oh, honey, I”m with ya. I made a SPREADSHEET to keep it all straight. And your idea of a dry run is a perfect idea. Susan at Friday Playdate just suggested the exact same thing and it is GENIUS.

      Thanks so much for the comment – I’m glad you appreciated the post. Look forward to meeting you in NYC as well!

  8. Kellyology Says:

    I didn’t see the comment, but some people are just unhappy people who need for everyone else to be unhappy with them. I just try to ignore those people. I hope the newbies stay excited. It’s something to be excited about. & if picking out great duds adds to their excitement, then kudos to them! It’s a great venue, in a fantastic city, set up by some fantastic ladies, despite the negative nellie tweeters.

    • Pammer Says:

      Yes, yes and yes to all of that. The “unfollow” button is a powerful choice, yes? Hope we get a chance to meet in NYC – and thanks for your “veteran” perspective.

  9. Jonathan Says:

    One of the best written blog posts I have read in ages.

  10. Bill Says:

    I would wear Dockers (pressed) with a nice Banana Jack Hawaiian shirt and my personalized Adidas.

    I actually tried to join Blogher some years ago because mostly women read my blog, I write about food and family life, and I throw like a girl. However, I was otherwise not qualified.

    Pity. I covet secretly being known as that “chick who looks like George Clooney with the cool shoes.”

    • Pammer Says:

      Oh, Bill! You should take another run at BlogHer – there are all KINDS of dudes joining the fun now. 🙂 And George Clooney WISHES he rocked the Adidas like you do. xo

  11. Christina Says:

    Stopping over from #31DBBB
    I loved this post! I saw those tweets as well and was sad about it. Isn’t that the purpose of BlogHer and the other conferences? To bring all kinds of bloggers together to learn?
    I’ve never been to one and I would ask the same questions.
    Good for you for speaking to this point.

  12. receive your coupons Says:

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    • Hawk Says:

      Looking good Steve, nice buy you got there! Like the colour and the very simple dot, the detachable cor&;ll#39as a nice touch too.I'm still in awe of the shoes though, they're simply stunning.


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