Quickest Update Ever: Hair Accessories

July 14, 2010


Hair Accessories Mosaic

I don’t know about you, but sometimes you just need a little something extra in a day to day outfit that just gives you that tiny bit of style and swagger to make going to the grocery store for the 100th time that week a little less mundane. I think hair accessories are a fun and inexpensive way to do that. You can add a little bit of color or a little bit of sparkle or texture without having to invest too much – and I am all about the things in my life that are functional being pretty and interesting, too.

It’s hard as an adult to wear hair accessories without feeling like a schoolgirl or teenager, but I like these. They have a sense of polish to them – even when you’re being a bit bold up top.

How about you? Do you rock the headband or play with barrettes for some whimsy?

1. Cara Accessories “I See You” Crystal Headwrap
2. France Luxe Filigree Ponytail Holder
3. Juicy Couture “Pansy” Barrettes
4. L. Erickson Stacked Crystal Barrettes
5. Tasha Double Metallic Headband
6. Urban Outfitters Branch Bobbies

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One Response to “Quickest Update Ever: Hair Accessories”

  1. MainlineMom Says:

    Love them! But occasionally when I stick something pretty in my hair, I feel like a little girl, not a fashionable grown woman.