On the road: The Ultimate Cell Phone Charger

July 10, 2010


Brookstone 4 in 1 charger

Over the past several months I have been traveling almost every week and have run through and been stuck in endless amounts of airports and rental cars. On one particular trip I realized I had very little charge left on my phone, was waiting for a flight and had left my car charger for my iPhone in my rental car. OF COURSE I DID. I dont know about you, but the thought of losing power on my phone makes me twitchy and damn near close to needing anxiety meds.

Luckily, I found a great gift shop in the airport that sold this charger. It is the most perfect charger in all the land. Seriously. The 4-in-1 Charger comes with 8 different interchangeable “tips” to charge your BlackBerry, LG Phone, Samsung, Palm, Nokia Phone, iPod and iPod touch. You can get power through a regular plug, a car charger, and a USB port. In fact, there is a USB “tip” as well so it can become a USB cord if you need one.

It has a nice travel pouch, is slim and I throw it in my purse or laptop case and go without worrying about it taking up too much space.

Want to pick one up? It’s available here on Amazon for $39.99. I’ve also seen it in the SkyMall magazine. See? That magazine has some valuable things in it, you guys!

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