Rainy Day Umbrella Style

July 1, 2010


Tray 6 Umbrella Mosaic

Well, it’s offically hurricane season here and today our fair city is enjoying the less than sexy “dirty” side of Hurricane Alex currently slamming through south Texas and Mexico. What this really means is chance to slap on some great wellies and be sure to have your umbrella handy.

But, you know, after not seeing the sun for several days as the storm approaches, you kinda need a shot of color to brighten the mood and just get through the grey, blah days that bad weather brings. That or a vacation to a sunny island. Either one.

Check out Tray 6’s cool umbrellas. I love that come in full, travel and lightweight options and I really love the sophisticated prints.

Tray 6 Perch Crimson
Tray 6 Pixel Plaid Orange
Tray 6 Travel Hana Lemon
Tray 6 Sprig Black

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