Design Finds and IRL Friends

June 28, 2010


Saturday the lovely ladies of LLH Designs, Morning T and Holly Mathis hosted a fantastic mini Design Flea Market chock full of charming finds from their respective design work.

I had the distinct pleasure of browsing and visiting with some new and super fun blogging friends, Sarah at Water Water Everywhere and Ellie from Elzabelz. You are so jealous, I assure you.

I could have immediately picked up a THOUSAND things by my brain took over and told me, in no uncertain terms, to “shop smart”.

I hate when it does that.

So what did I find? THIS.

Wine Barrel Stave Tea Light Holder

A fantastic wine barrel stave reclaimed and repurposed into a tea light holder. As you can see it now sits squarely on my mantle and I cannot wait to see it all lit amongst some fall décor in a few months. I understand the barrel came from owners that were all about the organic and green approach to living, so I find it an interesting back story for my new piece.

I also found these.

Skeleton Keys

I seem to be having a love affair lately with all things skeleton keys. Maybe it’s the mystery of what a key unlocks? These lay casually on a side table in my living room and I am trying gently to remind my 3-year old they are lovely but NOT TOYS. So far it’s working.

Think good thoughts.

I’m curious, are you a flea market finder? What’s the best treasure you’ve found in your scavenger hunt?

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2 Responses to “Design Finds and IRL Friends”

  1. MainlineMom Says:

    Aww, you’re too sweet 🙂 What a blast that morning was!