Runway to Reality: Fiona Paxton Necklace

June 15, 2010


Fiona Paxton Runway Challenge Mosaic

I’ll admit it. I’m slightly obsessed with Fiona Paxton’s beadwork. Her pieces walk the line between statement and every day wearable, depending on the color combinations and size of the necklace. In every case I just drool over the bit of sparkle and the texture. What I do not drool over is the price which on a good day is $200 on sale. I get it – the work involved in each piece is worth every penny. I just need more pennies.

So what’s a gal to do? Use it as an inspiration piece! No sooner had I posted the original necklace (The “Maggie“) above (left) on the accessorywhore Facebook page than I came across the Banana Republic comparable piece! It isn’t quite as congruous as the inspiration piece, but still in the same color palette and has the feel of the original in the silver bugle beads on khaki ribbon up top.

Sadly, the Banana Republic piece is no longer available online, but I did find this in a local store – so go check it out! (But, um, hurry. I have it on good authority – the store manager – that they are getting ready to receive their FALL SHIPMENTS.)

(Because it’s June and 100 degrees.)

(And who doesn’t want to look at WOOL in June?)


I have already tried it with a white tank top and some drawstring chocolate brown pants and declare it spectacular. I also think I’ll be able to stretch wearing it into the early fall – it seems neutral enough. And if Benjamin decides to reach up and grab it and a strand breaks? Oh well. I can fix it and keep on going.

Now THAT’s inspirational.

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