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June 4, 2010


Espadrille WhoreStory Collage

Today’s story comes from the lovely and stylish Elizabeth. We’ve all been handed fashion wisdom by our mothers and grandmothers – sometimes it is impeccable advice, sometimes it is time to add your own twist to it. This is one of those times.

As a little girl I have fond memories of spending the summers with my grandmother at the beach.

I need to first explain that my family has an issue with feet. Not a fetish, an issue. We don’t like them.

I have been raised to believe that your feet should be kept under wraps. If you choose to wear a sandal it will NEVER EVER be a thong and must be a fairly wide strap to cover one’s toes, and most importantly, you MUST have a pedicure. Interestingly enough we all have different feet and my mom’s are quite pretty, my feet I affectionately refer to as “my little potatoes”.

Back to the shoes…after Memorial Day I would notice that my grandmother would switch to her “summer shoes”, espadrilles. She had them in different colors and patterns they probably had a 1½ to 2 in. heel and she wore them with everything. (At that time my grandmother told me a lady never wears a heel over 2 in. during the day and 3 in. at night. Sorry Gran, according to those rules, I am no lady.) So for all of these reasons in my mind the espadrille was a grandmother shoe.

For years I have seen cute versions and tried them on but in the back of my mind I could see my grandmother with her sensible 2 in. “summer shoe”. I purchased a pair a few years back and guess what…just found them when I was cleaning out my closet…never worn. So a few weeks ago I was looking around online (as a side note, I just need to say, “Thank God for the internet so that I can shop online at all hours of the day in the comfort of my home or even have to put a bra on.”)

So back to shopping online…I was really looking for a shoe that is nude in color and something for the summer. I stumbled upon this sassy little shoe by Kate Spade. It met all of my specifications; nude color, check, tall heel, check, platform (gotta have one if you are on your feet for long periods of time), check, a sandal but doesn’t show too much foot, check. All of that and they are SASSY! And just like that, click click click, they were ordered and being sent straight to my hot little hands, er, feet!

I have to say they simply make me happy. There is just no other feeling than that of a great shoe. I have had them for 2 weeks and I have worn them 5 times! They are very comfortable which again is very important when you are on your feet most of your day. They make me feel tall with its 4in. heel and a tad bit sassy!

Like I said, these are not your grandmother’s espadrilles but I am pretty sure my grandmother would approve.

What sort of fashion advice or “rules” got handed down to you? Share the fun and ridiculous in the comments! – Pam

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