Going Mobile

June 2, 2010


Mobile Collage

These ain’t your nursery decorations. You won’t find any bunnies or sheep. These are works of art and a true statement piece for your home or office space.

I love the kinetic and ethereal quality these pieces have. I love it more when interesting collides with whimsical. Many mobile installations can be customized or custom designed to suit your color palette, architecture or space restrictions, so let your creative and wishful side run wild. As with anything else you can spend as much or as little as you’d wish, so do a little research and you’ll find many options in your price range.

The pieces listed above come from Konrads.com.

1. Henry del Giudice Mobile Number 7
2. Pear Blossom Branch
3. Vysnia Stripes
4. Akumo Ovals
5. Givaudan
6. Molly

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