Memorial Day Mommyblogger Mayhem

June 1, 2010


(That sort of cheesy alliteration can only be pulled off with copious amounts of Bloody Mary on the morning of Memorial Day.)


Don’t let anyone tell you that the whole MommyBlogging thing is a waste of time. They lie. If it were not for this little red piece of the internet, the Mom2Summit and Twitter, I’d have never met Ellie who is now squarely on my list of Most Awesome People in the History of Ever. Her husband and kids, too.

Because we continued to crack ourselves up on Twitter every day and “me, too” the hell out of things, we decided to meet “in real life”. Most amazing for two women is that we decided to meet in real life IN OUR BATHING SUITS WITH LITTLE TO NO MAKEUP ON. (The chicks understand that statement.)

So we met at a public splash park near her house. Benjamin and Leah were convinced it was like going to Disneyworld. Buckets that dump water! Spraying water fountains! Snow cones! Water slides!

Let’s talk about the water slides. There were three to choose from. A small kiddie frog slide, a medium sized tunnel side and a big, two-story one. My kids would go on NONE of them. Well, not entirely true. LEAH would go on only the kiddie frog slide. Benjamin WANTED to go on the huge one, but they wouldn’t let him because he wasn’t tall enough, much to his dismay.

But the mommies did. Oh, YES WE DID. And I’ve got the pictures to prove it.

Top of the Water Slide Tower
Top of the slide tower

Ellie and the Water Slide
Ellie’s slide

Pam and the Water Slide
My slide!

After the splash park we headed over to Ellie’s home for more kiddo playing, some killer margaritas and some equally badass thai shrimp pasta. Not surprisingly the Husbands had some fun hazing us about our prolific internet and iPhone usage and have now decided to form a Non-Blogging Husbands of Mommybloggers Support Group. There may be shirts involved. And maybe a hunting trip. The details are a little sketchy, but Ellie and I may or may not be looking for that URL as we speak.

You should also know that Ellie is a masterful face painter and Leah wanted to sleep in her fairy makeup forever and ever and ever. Benjamin’s Thomas the Tank Engine was a highlight in his little life…until he hung out with Ellie’s oldest daughter who he now has a crush on. He digs the older chicks.

Memorial Day Face Painting

Benjamin and Thomas Paint

Best Memorial Day weekend in many, many years. It’s hard to beat new friends, good food and a water slide.

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7 Responses to “Memorial Day Mommyblogger Mayhem”

  1. elz Says:

    Agreed-one of the best Memorial Day weekends in a long time. Thank you for being totally awesome. Can’t wait until the next playdate!

  2. Amie aka MammaLoves Says:

    Okay, I know I wasn’t invited ONLY because I live hundreds of miles away. Not that I would have gone anyway. Who wants to stand near you hot babes?!

    So glad you had fun! Meeting awesome sisters on the internet never gets old!

    • Pammer Says:

      You know you have an open invitation to any and all mayhem (and not just because you called us hot babes)! And, yes, it is very fun to find smart, talented and sassy women to hang out with. Can’t wait to meet YOU in person in August. 😉

  3. Missy Says:

    It is super weird that I have never met a couple of my dearest friends.

    And I am pretty sure my husband wants a t-shirt.

    And you look disgustingly good in a bathing suit so you can bet I will never be meeting up with you at a splash pad.

    • Pammer Says:

      Missy you should plan a visit. It is so worth it. And I’m thinking there are a LOT of “abandoned” husbands who’d like that t-shirt. Thank you for the nice words, my friend. 😉

  4. Jonathan Says:

    Excellent photos 🙂 I always seem to be behind the camera, so such photos are incredibly rare 🙂