May 23, 2010


Today, my Swimmy, Leah, turned nine. I haven’t found the words to describe her year yet, but I have found the images and the soundtrack. Happy Birthday, Leah – I love you for who you are and for who you are becoming.


Leah’s 9th Birthday from Pammer on Vimeo.

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7 Responses to “Nine”

  1. Mom Says:

    Love it!!!
    Made me cry — I want her to be older, but not!!!!
    she’s still my special little girl!!!! Dodi

  2. elz Says:

    I can’ t wait to meet her, she looks like an amazing girl.

  3. Teri Wathen Says:

    Leah will treasure this always. Pam, you are such a great mom! I love reading
    your blog. Keep it up!

  4. Annah Says:

    Super cute pics 🙂 And I love love love that pic of the red pedicure. Hotness 🙂 You should frame it.