Fountain Pens Bring Signature Style

May 17, 2010


Waterman Charleston Blue Fountain Pen
Waterman Charleston Fountain Pen

Gentlemen, your signature is the most important set of words you write – shouldn’t you treat it that way? In this day and age the tech gadget seems to be the measure of style, but I think the pen is an accessory thats sets a man apart.

We spend an awful lot of time generating emails and computer generated paper for correspondence. Want to set yours apart? A hand-jotted, well-thought-out note personally signed at the bottom. In ink. Real old school from the well ink. The true mark of elegance.

Fountain pens are an investment piece. Many are collector’s items. Some owners will say theirs are good luck charms for those special occasions. Take a brief look at the history and craftsmanship of these pieces and you’ll see why.

You should have two pens: a signature pen and a “working” pen for every day things. But whatever you do, buy a quality pen. The go-to brands include Mont Blanc, Waterman, Pelikan and more recently, Lamy –a good every day working pen for roughly $25. The entry price for a pen is roughly $100, but, like anything else, you can spend as much as you see fit – some up to over $600. Special editions can top out over $1,000.

It won’t improve your handwriting, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is the time and thought taken to WRITE. After all, time and effort are the mark of a true gentleman.

Ladies, it’s graduation time and Father’s Day is coming up. Just sayin’.

Here are a few I like:

Mont Blanc Mozart Fountain Pen
Mont Blanc Mozart Fountain Pen

Visconti Opera Club Yellow Summer with Chrome
Visconti Opera Club Fountain Pen in Yellow Summer with Chrome

Red Lamy Fountain Pen
Red Lamy Fountain Pen

Pelikan Souveran M625 Dark Red Transparent
Pelikan Souveran M625 Fountain Pen

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