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May 15, 2010


I got pink eye last week because I am 12. No, actually it’s because Benjamin got it and decided to get all share-y. The itchiness and sensitivity really kinda sucked. Then Ellie reminded me I had to throw out all my eye makeup and start over due to teh germz. More suck. Not really the expense I had in mind this month… but…. hmmmm….

I really hadn’t evaluated my makeup drawer in a long time. When I sat down to pull out all the stuff that was in there so I could make a list of things I needed to replace I was kinda horrified. Not at the list (that was a special kind of pain) – but at the state of my drawer. It had really gotten out of hand.

And so, my dormant OCD gene kicked in.

Out came everything. I wiped down the drawer to remove any errant pencil sharpening, hair, plastic tag, button and whatever had made its way into my drawer and into my beauty space. Then I pulled everything out of my plastic drawer divider.

That was a little alarming.

I almost threw it into the dishwasher for a hot water scrubbing, but I was able to get it washed out and wiped down enough to call it good and clean.

Now it was time to really take a look at my products I’d been keeping. This was not pretty. I realized I had products in there that were more than 6 years old. That is just a no-no with beauty products.

I was ruthless with my decision making. If I hadn’t touched it in a year – or if it was broken in any way – it was gone. That shattered bronzer? Bye. The small, sharpened down nub of an eyeliner I hadn’t used in 2 years? Gone. The free lipstick with purchase never touched – even if it was a favorite brand? Trash.

At the end of the exercise I had a plastic garbage bag full of trash just from my makeup drawer. (I also did that under my sink with my hair products – another bag of trash came out of that exercise. I may have a product problem.)

I washed every makeup brush. (Use a dollop of baby shampoo in your hand and swirl the wet brush in it – works great and is gentle on the brush) I cleaned out my pencil sharpeners. I reorganized my drawer and prepared to list what I needed to replace.

I realized that I am fairly loyal to my brands of makeup. I have definite preferences when it comes to eyes, skin/foundation and lips and I’m consistent in my purchasing. I wrote about some personal preferences of beauty products before here, but here are a few updates.

Laura Mercier
Most of my products in my drawer come from this line. ALL of my foundation, concealer, eye base and tinted moisturizer comes from this brand. I also own a lot of their eye shadows in various styles (powder and cream), eyeliner and eyebrow pencils and many, many lipsticks. It is without a doubt fantastic.

Laura Mercier Makeup

Here’s the thing… you should always buy the best makeup you can afford. The pricer brands have more and better pigment in them and therefore stay on and last longer. You also end up using less of the product on your face. I like that for two reasons: you don’t feel like you have a ton of makeup on and you don’t replace / runout of the product all the time. The initial investment is higher, but long term I spend less.

My go-to lipstick for day to day from them is Peony. EVERYONE can wear this color. I swear. Go try it. LOVE.

MAC’s brand may be a little out there image-wise, but I love their eye shadows. I have two or three that I use on a daily basis easily. Their packaging is recyclable and returning it to the counter gets you a discount AND, again, I love that they are highly pigmented. My personal faves from them include a great shimmery neutral base color called Naked Lunch and a darker brown called Mulch.

MAC Eyeshadow

Some New Additions
I dropped my bronzer powder and needed a new one. The Too Faced bronzer was recommended so I’m trying that. I am a big fan of bronzer adding some warmth and glow – not the Jersey Shore look. I believe this one will work well. NARS was also recommended, but it was a little dark for my complexion. I’ll try NARS for a few other things – namely their blush called Orgasm that everyone raves about.

Too Faced Bronzer

I wanted a new eye color for some spring pop and decided on a Lorac green called Lush.

Today I also decided to try a new lipstick from Laura Mercier: Truly Red.

Laura Mercier Lorac makeup

I haven’t worn red in a long time, but it was time to put it back in my rotation. It’s spring after all, right?! I love it – it’s light in weight and bright and can easily be a day and night red. I put it on sans any other makeup at Sephora (that’s always a good look, right? GAH) and got lots of compliments. Give it a whirl.

My drawer now looks like this.

My Makeup Drawer

Not pared down to the barest of essentials, but better. Certainly cleaner and filled with products that I am actually using. It feels good to be organized and it feels good to know I have a few easy updates to my beauty product portfolio.

If you were to attack your makeup drawer today, what would you find? What would you lose and what would you add back in?

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4 Responses to “Beauty Zen”

  1. elz Says:

    Glad I could be the messenger of good change. I’m a frequent Sephora and Saks make-up customer, so I don’t have alot of old stuff. My newbies that I love- D&G mascara-worth every penny, D&G lisptick, and Nars lip gloss-Easy Lover is my new favorite for Spring/Summer. Yes, I also use Nars Orgasm (like everyone else), but switched to the new Smashbox multi-tone for summer. See? total make-up junkie.

    • Pammer Says:

      You are inspirational. And now I need to check out that lip gloss, too.

      Wait, strike that. You may be a bad influence in a very, very fun way. 🙂

  2. Sarah (MainlineMom) Says:

    I usually buy Clinique everything, with a few exceptions. I LOVE Lancombe’s shimmery lip gloss…I forget what it’s called but it’s awesome. And I found that Estee Lauder’s eye makeup remover is ten times better than Cliniques. And as I mentioned on Twitter, I use Almay mascara because the others make my eyes itch too much. I’ve been dying to try some MAC eyeshadows but the people that work there scare me. LOL And maybe I should try that Nars Orgasm blush? I have very fair skin but living in Houston its pretty tan, especially now, so I have been using mostly my Clinique bronzer instead of blush.

    I used to NEVER wear makeup. I hate being high maintenance. But I hate looking old even more 🙂

    • Pammer Says:

      Oh, if you want a great all over cleanser that takes off eye makeup, too, go check out Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple. It’s TERRIFIC – so clean and you just rub it right over your eyes and wash them too at the same time. Am a HUGE fan of their skin care product line.

      And I’ll try the NARS Orgasm with you!