Life List #12: Taste 100 Cheeses: Seaside Cheddar, Cotswold & Jasper Hill Cheddar (Cloth Bound)

May 10, 2010


You know what totally rocks about Whole Foods? In the cheese section there are these neat little stainless steel bowls that have small individually wrapped “leftover” sized blocks of cheese. You never know what you’ll find in there. Each is anywhere from $1 – $4 and you can just nibble your way through all sorts of cheeses pretty damn inexpensively and start checking off stuff on your Life List.

I will preface this first cheese entry with the following statement:

I know nothing about cheese. Well, except I like it. I’m sure there is some sort of cheese “lingo” like there is with wines, but I don’t know it. Yet. So here goes my first three tastings and the accompanying thoughts.

This creamy cheese was an EXCELLENT way to start this little Life List line item. It is a cow’s milk cheese that had onion essence (which totally makes me think “onion sweat”) and chives blended into the bulk of the cheese. I am a big fan of creamier cheeses and immediately thought how great this one would be diced up or grated into an omlette. It had a great tang to it and tasted great while sipping a 2008 Napa Landing Chardonnay. (Wine is totally unrelated here – it’s what we had around)

Seaside Cheddar
I am usually a huge fan of cheddars. I’m all for a strong, biting flavor, but this one left me a bit “meh”. It is a harder, white cheddar and really was too crumbly and dry for my tastes. Not a fan.

Jasper Hill Cheddar (Cloth Bound)
I have no idea what cloth bound means, but I intend to Google it soon. This cheddar was also a harder, white cheddar, but, unlike the Seaside Cheddar from before, it had a parmesan-like flavor and it was quite good. I actually grated it into a salad and liked the saltiness it added to the dish. Husband thought it had a slightly smoky flavor to it, but I didn’t taste “smoky” at all.

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3 Responses to “Life List #12: Taste 100 Cheeses: Seaside Cheddar, Cotswold & Jasper Hill Cheddar (Cloth Bound)”

  1. elz Says:

    Good item to add to your Life List-yum. You should have a cheese party, where everybody brings a cheese to taste-you could cross 20 or so off that way! You are really moving along the items on your list. Way to go!

  2. Pammer Says:

    A cheese party! So fun. And a little dangerous. There are a few in my world that would show up with Limburger just to make me try it. But you are nice and pretty – and would NEVER do such a thing.

  3. Timothy Jones Says:

    Oh man, illustration of different cheese tastes I guess. I just tried the Seaside cheese and I’m in heaven. Best Cheese I ever tasted. I’m just really curious where it’s from now…