Southern Gentlemen

April 23, 2010


Southern Proper Collage
photos via Southern Proper website

Oh, do I have a thing for the look of a southern boy. The tousled hair, casually preppy, slight drawl, impeccably mannered and wickedly charming boy. The one who can talk finance and hunting, tradition and travel. The one who can make everyone feel at ease at a party, but across the room winks at you. The one whose style always has a twist of personality and humor.

I swoon for some good seersucker.
Bow ties make me buckle.

And for this reason the Southern Proper website is like fashion porn for me. These ladies have created a line and a brand that celebrates the southern gentleman – and I could just fall right into the pictures.

Take your laptop out on the porch with a cool drink and stay awhile over there.

You think if I ask nicely they’d do a little gentleman’s line? My little boy is in need of a prep belt immediately.

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