Put a Ring on It

April 5, 2010


Jessica Elliot Enamel Rings Collage
photos via Zappos

I have such a crush on these. Jessica Elliot’s rings are just SPOT ON the enamel trend this spring. And with prices from $31-$42 it’s so easy to throw some sunshine on your hand. Also? The orange one and pink one GLOW IN THE DARK, people.

Yes, I am a 9 year old girl sometimes. Shut up.

That glowy part is totally a bonus at da club, yo.

Jessica Elliot Glow in the Dark “Flat” Gold Ring with Enamel NEON Orange
Jessica Elliot Skinny Nickel Buckle Ring
Jessica Elliot Skinny Daisy Candy Ring
Jessica Elliot Skinny Heart Candy Ring
Jessica Elliot Skinny Large Domed Gold Ring with Enamel Pewter Swirl
Jessica Elliot Glow in the Dark Large Nickel Domed Ring with Enamel Neon Pink

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2 Responses to “Put a Ring on It”

  1. court Says:

    Love the Enamel Neon Orange, not a shabby price either. Love it!