Storied Collections

Everyone has a piece of jewelry, clothing, accessory or home decor that has some sentimental value — it has a story behind it.

A piece of jewelry handed down
A wedding ring with family stones
Grandmother’s sparkly purse that mesmerized you
Your grandfather’s cufflinks … or old driving hat he always wore
A trinket box
Something you were given when a child was born … or something you bought your wife when your first born arrived
The avocado green platter on which Sunday night dinner was served
The silver pitcher handed down to you for your wedding
Something you’ll hand down to a daughter … or daughter in law

I’d be honored to hear yours. If you have pictures, send a few of the piece as well as a few capturing you with it and share your story to be published on the site.

What is it?
What makes it special?
What memories do you have associated with it?
What will you do with it in years to come?

Want to share your story and pictures? Or have some questions? Feel free to email us at:

outsidevoice (at) gmail (dot) com

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