Light It Up

February 9, 2010


As you may recall, we bought the house we are currently living in roughly two years ago. I liked the house for several reasons, but really because it had some great bones and nice potential and, at the time, we needed the extra room. I have since come to discover we have purchased more house than we need, but for now we’re just going to hang on to it.

Before we even moved in there was a list of things I wanted to do to make it more our own. A few minor and one major project later and we were off and running. We stopped working on the house while I was not working to deal with a smaller monthly expense budget, but I am now back on the case and determined to update this sucker effectively and what I hope is also beautifully.

The previous owners, who are also friends that, like us, only moved a few houses down, did a nice job of getting the update wagon started, but their taste and their needs based on their furniture scale didn’t fit ours in some arenas. Lighting was one of them. Remember, I’m an accessory whore. And lighting is the jewelry of the house. You can see why this had to be addressed immediately if not sooner.

I am not a “beige” person. In previous houses I’ve had a red kitchen, butter yellow living room and apple green master bedroom. I love slate floors and fabrics and textures with great contrast. I don’t shy away from color or pattern or scale and believe there should be some glitz in every room. (Not tacky Vegas glitter, mind you. Just some sparkle.) So when this was hanging in the breakfast room I knew instantly that this was not going to make it long term.

Old breakfast fixture

Likewise, in the dining room, which has walls I adore, I have an enormous table (115″) and oversized storage pieces. This piece was terrific and sparkly, but not scaled large enough for the space or my table.

Old dining fixture 2

(nice but…)

Old dining fixture

(not big enough…)

It was however, the perfect size, color and style to replace the beige piece in the breakfast area. Et voila! The new breakfast area. (The blinds: I KNOW. They are leaving. They give me a headache with Teh Linez.)

New breakfast lighting

So, you may ask, what did I put in the dining room? THIS.

Not hung

Dining room

Dining lit

Dining close up

(OMG the sparkle!)

I wish I had better camera skills to show you how utterly fantastic I think this thing is. It is big and scrolly and a little bit sparkly and I LOVE IT. I scoured the internet for something gorgeous and yet reasonable and I finally found this here. I highly recommend this site, by the way – their customer service is outstanding as is their pricing. You’re welcome.

I’d show you the final fixture I put up in the hallway to the guest bathroom and laundry room, but I tried to take a picture of the 1991 cut glass and brass fabulousness and I threw up a little in my mouth. This is what was put up in its place.

Hallway light

Much better. All the way around.

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One Response to “Light It Up”

  1. Court Says:

    Love the sparkle in the dining room