Favorite Thursday Things: Dynamite Merlot

February 4, 2010


Everyone needs a little inspiration to get through the end of a week. So each Thursday I’ll showcase something that brings me a little bit of joy. Welcome to the first installment of Favorite Thursday Things!


I was introduced to this wine about five years ago through a favorite work colleague, friend and, at the time, boss. We spent WAY too many hours after work (or sometimes during work, depending on the client issue du jour) at the fantastic hotel restaurant down the street from our office. Occasionally we decided to stop with the work talk and enjoy NOT work talk – and one late afternoon the conversation turned to wine on the walk over. He said I needed to try this one. I agreed at the time because on that day I needed a glass of wine more than I needed my next breath.

Through the years it has become a favorite, inexpensive merlot that I cook with and drink. I love it on crisp, cold fall or winter days and I recently found this one on sale at my local grocer for $7. I can’t drink this wine without remembering some very fun times. We worked hard and laughed harder and there are stories and lessons from that job and that team that I will carry with me always.

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