The Bane of My Existence: Come let me show it to you.

February 3, 2010


Number of phone calls to these people: 11

Number of boxes that should have never been delivered: 4

Number of boxes currently sitting in my foyer: 5

Number of boxes that might still be on the way: Oh who the hell knows.

The head of customer service and I now have each other on speed dial. To say this is ridiculous does not do it justice.

Previously, for those of you just joining the program, they said they would send me FedEx pre-paid stickers to return the items that were incorrect and shipped to me. Yesterday I called to tell them they need to send a whole STACK of those babies. And this is why:

The Bane of My Existence

Yeah. They don’t really blend with the d├ęcor, do they?

I actually did find a replacement piece that I wanted. They were kind enough to honor the discount they offered when this mess happened. So yesterday I speed dialed my new customer service BFF and said I had found a suitable alternative. “Great!” he said – and we were going to complete the order right then and there to make sure there were no more issues.

Well, there was an issue. You see the item I wanted read “available” online, but, apparently, was not available. AGAIN.

I suggested not so nicely that they just bring down their entire website until they get their backend inventory system problems fixed. He didn’t really appreciate my humor. He did, however, say he was going to put in a call to some controller/buyer/inventory goddess that would be able to tell us FOR SURE if it was or was not available.

Taking any bets?

Any rational person would have given up by now. Walked away and told them “Good luck and G-d speed,” and probably laughed while doing it. I am not that person. This has now become a quest. A maniacal, twisted, gut-wrenching quest. This is costing me roughly zero dollars what with all the free return shipping and discounts, so… I say let’s jack with ’em for a while. I’m kinda thinking that by the end of this ordeal I may just end up with a free piece of furniture. Or an ulcer.

Same dif.

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