You Get What You Pay For

January 28, 2010


There are some truths that are just, well, TRUE.

I am a tremendous shopper – and by that I mean that I can find items priced well below their actual value. I am an internet ninja that way. However, there are some times where it’s not always about quality – it’s about a solution to a problem. A fast, cheap solution to a problem.

I am very lucky to have a home office. I love it. After going back to work these past few months and realizing that I spent a good deal of time in said home office I decided it was finally time to spruce it up a bit so that I could enjoy it a bit more. So… fresh paint, new lighting, some furniture. I have a huge wall of shelves and a built in desk, but very little file cabinet space. There is an awfully ugly two-drawer metal file cabinet nearby, but, well, it’s ugly. And jammed full of stuff. I wanted a piece of furniture that would provide some additional filing storage, but look decent against a wall with some awesome family etchings above it. I found Home Decorators Outlet on the internet after getting a few catalogs in the mail about a year or so ago. I knew it wasn’t great quality, but the reviews of the piece I wanted seemed to be decent in terms of heft, functionality and design, so I took the plunge. Here is the item I ordered.


Simple, functional, cheap. I’d be happy with that.

If only these asshats could get their inventory and shipping correct. See that picture? It has DRAWERS. They keep trying to send me one with BASKETS. TWICE. The best part is this thing comes disassembled so it comes in multiple boxes for shipping. So now I have roughly anywhere from 3-6 different WRONG boxes on the way to my house not including the one that is already here in my foyer.

I called the first time when I got the shipping notification that clearly showed the wrong item. Oh, we’re so sorry, Mrs. Pammer, I’ve notified the warehouse and they’ve stopped shipment on that one and we’re sending you the correct one.


Except? Not great. UNgreat. WRONG.

Call number two:

“Hi, you shipped me the wrong thing.”

“No. We shipped you what you ordered.”

“No. I ordered Item X. You sent me Item Y.”

“Well, according to my system that’s what you ordered.”

“Do you want me to email you the purchase confirmation to show you how wrong you are? Because I can.”

“No. Here’s the item number. Go to our website and type that in. You’ll see we shipped you the right item.”

“Fine. I did. It’s the item I ordered. NOT the one you shipped me.”

“Well on my screen it’s the basket one.”

“Lady, on my screen it’s the drawer one. Figure that one out.”

“Maybe there’s something wrong with”

“Ah. Well, there’s your problem. I didn’t order this from I ordered this from your outlet site.”



“About done arguing with me now?”

“Um, yes. I’m so sorry. We’ll get that shipped out to you right away and give you the free FedEx labels to send the wrong one back.”



Call number three:

“HI. You’ve now sent me a shipping notification for THREE wrong items headed my way. My foyer is not big enough to hold all your mistakes. This is too hard. Cancel all orders. You people are making me stabby.”

“Oh, noes… We are SOOOO sorry that we haz Teh Dumb. We have stopped all shipments and want to offer you 50% of your item in a refund. How’s that?”

“You’ll forgive me for this next statement: HOW DO I KNOW YOU WON’T SCREW THIS UP AGAIN?!”

“Well, um. Good question. Because I really mean it this time? And the Customer Service Manager is right here on the phone with the warehouse ripping them a new one. And we’re really not this awful, I swear. And please can we still send this to you?”

“Okay. Please don’t make me regret this decision. I beg you.”

The betting pool is now open. Is there ANY chance this can end well for me?

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2 Responses to “You Get What You Pay For”

  1. stephanie Says:

    Ugh, I had a similar problem last summer when I was trying to order a planner refill. (Which obviously did not take up nearly as much space in my house.) Even though we were more than halfway through 2009, I needed a 2009 refill. I searched and found one on Amazon, but through a different seller. Ordered 2009, confirmation said 2009, PACKING SLIP said 2009…
    I got 2010.
    It took me about 15 minutes to explain to the customer service rep that I actually wanted the 2009 planner I ordered and I was NOT paying to ship back the 2010 planner they sent me at more cost than I originally paid. When it finally clicked I wanted 2009, his response was “Oh, we don’t have any more of those.” Um, then DON’T OFFER IT ON AMAZON! Argh.
    In the end Amazon (not this company) refunded me my money and I got a free 2010 planner.

  2. nicole @ much more than a mom Says:

    I am so sorry that this made me laugh so hard, but it’s just like reading my own mind. Crap like that happens to me ALL the time.
    I really do hope you get the right one though!
    (and, um, hi. Nice to meet you.)