Because, really? SOMEONE has to teach them these things.

January 27, 2010


Dinner around Casa Pammer consists of two shifts: the Pammer and Kids phase and the Husband phase. Husband doesn’t usually get home until after the time the kids need to eat dinner to keep me sane and them on track to get to bed at a reasonable time and so… shifts it is. Not my preference, but it is my reality.

Dinner every night with the kids is always a challenge. Some days the inspiration for dinner comes easily and the kids don’t bicker (too much) and I can continue to multi-task and still deal with clients on the west coast. Some days I have no idea what to cook, am completely at a loss, I’ve thrown both of them into their respective rooms for incessant bickering and have reached for the merlot around 4pm.

Last night was version 2 of the aforementioned options and it came down to making it easy: soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. I can live with that. I happened to have made some noodles that were incredibly long and while they were slightly pouting at the table about whatever random consequence I bestowed upon them upstairs I slurped one up in between puckered lips. To wild giggles and applause.

And the silly noodle slurping contest began.

Leah discovered that the harder she sucked the faster the noodles went in. Then she discovered that slurping too hard and too fast resulted in a wet noodle leaping out of the bowl and smacking her in the face. I wish I had video of that moment.

Benjamin, and his enormous pickiness, actually enjoyed several noodles and was so distracted he ate an entire grilled cheese sandwich. That’s a win in my book.

I’m fairly certain the next time we all encounter long wiggly noodles I’ll be turning nine shades of red after they start slurping them at the table in front of guests, right?

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One Response to “Because, really? SOMEONE has to teach them these things.”

  1. Teri Says:

    I just found you again, and I am so excited that you are back in the blogging mood. I have missed your wonderful writing and humor. Keep it up!