Enough already

January 20, 2010



I’ve been dicking around with this little purple site – or, really, NOT dicking around with it for a year. I’ve struggled with having nothing to to say or being unwilling to write about certain things. I have been indecisive and unsure. I have been caught up in my head to a point where I couldn’t get the words to paper. Or maybe that’s screen.

It’s been a hard year. For some writing would have made it easier. I’ll never know because I didn’t do that. And it was the right decision. But by choosing not to write about certain things I somehow forgot there were still some subjects worth capturing. The silliness of a three year old. The surprising wisdom of an eight year old. Hair maintenance adventures. Great food. Getting older. A new song. Great friends. I’d forgotten how to see the happy in those things.

So it’s time to do that again. I’m rusty and second-guessing every word I type, but at least I understand that’s okay. I don’t understand much these days, but I’ll just start with that.

I hope you’ll stick around.

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