How'd YOUR morning start?

June 12, 2009


Yesterday Leah had a check up – her 8 year old physical appointment. For the first time ever she had to bring in a urine sample.

(I’ll pause while you put your lunch down now.)

She thought I had just about gone batshit insane when I told her she had to pee in a cup, but she did as she was told. Benjamin was FASCINATED and Leah was nice enough (or too freaked out enough to care) to let Benjamin watch as she did this miraculous feat.

I’ve never seen a two year old stand there with big eyes and mouth hanging open. It was worth that all by itself. Pure awesomeness.

As she handed me the partially filled cup Benjamin stood mesmerized. I turned around to screw the lid on and heard, “Mommy? What’s dat? Apple juice?”

Good thing I had a good grip on that cup.

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2 Responses to “How'd YOUR morning start?”

  1. stephanie Says:

    Hahaha! Now he is going to think apple juice comes from Leah!

  2. Bill Farrell Says:

    Apple juice! How many times have I made that mistake?
    How many.