November 5, 2008


Yes, it’s November 5th. Yes, these pictures are way late. Cut me some slack – this flu shot is kicking my ass and I don’t know why.

First, a few things you should know. Benjamin is g-ddamned OBSESSED with Thomas the Train. I hate that train. However, I am thankful it is not Barney. So there’s that.

After putting his little costume on, he came bounding around the corner, arms and legs flying and curls bouncing everywhere yelling, “Tomas da too too tain!” He then proceeded to run down the street stopping randomly on the sidewalk to announce it over and over again. And also at each house we stopped at. It kinda went like this:

[Doorbell rings]


Lather, rinse, repeat.

Leah was a puppy. I have no other explanation for you, except she really wanted her face painted and felt very strongly about having a tongue hanging out of her mouth.

I am still methodically working my way through the candy loot and am very disappointed at the lack of Snickers bars. The Reese’s are making up for the loss only slightly. And whatever house gave out Necco wafers is banned from our list next year. That’s just all kinds of wrong.

So, without further adieu — the cuteness.

BenjaTrain Oct 2008

Tomas da Too Too Tain

Halloween 2008

Surrender the candy to the cuteness.

Halloweenies Oct 2008

What? Your mother doesn’t dress up like a pumpkin every year? Pfft.

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One Response to “Halloweenie”

  1. Kim H. Says:

    Awww… I would have given them my entire BUCKET of candy!! No one that cute came to my door. 🙂