Swimmy Logic – Part Gafrillion

November 3, 2008


Benjamin cannot, under any circumstances, be away from Leah for any length of time. And by that I mean more than two consecutive seconds. On any given day this can either thrill Leah or drive her to early adolescent emo angst.

And there are days where this conflict of interests wears on my everloving last raw mommy nerve.

I had one of these days last week. Okay, I had a few of those days. But on this particular day, I had had JUST ABOUT ENOUGH when I heard them yelling for the ninety gazillionth time that day.

Leah was on the stairs desperately trying to go up them and shut the safety gate behind her. Benjamin was devastated she would even think of leaving him. If only to go pee.

I came flying around the corner out of the kitchen and said, with great exasperation, “Oh, my G-D you guys are killing me!”

To which Leah replied, almost equally exasperated, “Well, Mommy, then why did you have KIDS?!” and stomped up the stairs.


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2 Responses to “Swimmy Logic – Part Gafrillion”

  1. Kim H. Says:

    Wow – it has to suck when they make a good point! HA!

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Wow — you are in some serious trouble down the road with that girl! (In a good way, of course… gotta appreciate that spirit and the quick comebacks.)