Good question

November 2, 2008


Since making the decision to go back to work, I’ve been asked a question that I believe most people have a hard time answering.

What do you want?

You would think it wouldn’t be so hard, right? We humans are selfish people at times. We make lists like this constantly. For instance, if I won the lottery of any significant size I have a list of things I would do – I know exactly what I would want in that instance.

But, untethered to some unrealistic situation? Notsomuch.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this question lately. It’s occurred to me that while I can’t completely answer “what I want”, I can answer quickly and assuredly what I don’t want. But it’s not the same thing is it? Subtracting the list of things I don’t want from the great list of potential things possible does not equal “what I want”.

What about you? Do you know what you want? How did you define it?

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7 Responses to “Good question”

  1. Kim H. Says:

    World peace.
    HA! No just kidding…
    After a 4 month retirement – I can honestly say that I want to be a stay at home wife, and mother when that time comes. I’ve never felt more alive and content than when I wasn’t working.

  2. Judy Says:

    know what i want? i want to be told yes, of course yes, anything you want honey, yes go get it.
    how’s that for a fantasy?

  3. Bill Farrell Says:

    I think all Americans should have maps and such like.
    Oh, and whirled peas.

  4. Sara Says:

    As a teacher without my own classroom, I have been reevaluating what role I want to play in the world of education. My motto is, “I want to teach and work where I am needed most.” I am opening myself up to new possibilities and experiencing many subjects and a variety of student interactions. We’ll see where this takes me…or maybe I’ll go to law school. The jury’s still out on that one! 🙂

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