Mighty Mighty Benjamite: Month Twenty-Five

August 21, 2008


Dear Benjamin,

How has (more than) 30 days flown by? Wait, let me retract that statement because now that I think about it, this has been a rich 30 days.

This month you went on your first road trip all the way to Austin, TX – where we would hang out for a few days before dropping off Leah at her camp. You got to play with some very fun cousins, go on your first speedboat ride, decide swimming in the lake was not your cup of tea and make it more than perfectly clear that road trips are INDEED not your thing. I wish you’d figure out how to get over that last part – Texas has some pretty cool places to head to – but not with a screamy, whiny two year old.

I can damn sure drive this boat July 2008

You missed Leah very much. Oh, my G-d did you miss her. For days on end all we heard was, “Sissy? Sissy? SSSSIIIISSSSSYYYYYY????!!!!!” Since she has come home your life is yet again complete and the running, jumping and silly word contests have picked up right where the two of you left off.

July 2008 Austin cousins

On top of all of this your language is really beginning to just explode. Every day is a new word – or better yet – a clearer word and your speech teacher(s) could not be more excited for you. You still have some very cute mispronunciations – the most notable this month are “See-you” (store) and “Sussy” (Sunni, the dog). You LOVE going to speech class. Daddy didn’t quite understand why, so I took the video camera along one day to show him the carnival that masquerades as learning.

Untitled from Pammer on Vimeo.

You remain unbelievably active – and I have the grey hair to prove it – but you are remarkably easy when it comes to things that are usually not so easy. Namely bath time and bed time. You basically love both. Which? Is kinda unheard of. And? I totally dig. Even our newest little teenager girl babysitter told me, “OMG I will totally babysit for you WHENEVER! He is so EASY! He just, like, DOES THINGS!”

Uh, yeah. What she said.

August 2008 zoo

In another week you will start your regular “pre-pre-pre school” program by going to class for three half-days a week. This will not be a big deal for you because you already know the school and teacher from a short camp session you did early this summer. And, really? You need it. Camp Mommy is wearing thin on both of us and it’s time for some new faces and new activities. It’s hard to compete with speech class, man. Just, please, don’t beat the shit out of the other kids, okay?

Every night before dinner we say the hamotzi (thanks for the food and such). Usually we just say it and move on, but one night after Leah came home from camp, we sang it like they do at summer camp – and, as it turns out, at your little school/camp. Your little face LIT UP when you recognized the tune. It was almost like you were trying to say, “YEAH! That? Right there?! I KNOW THAT!” You clapped your hands and smiled and cheered at the end and even ended the show with an “Ameeen!” (Pronounced just like that, by the way.) You are starting to follow along with our good night prayers adding your own “special blessings” section that almost always includes Leah and Thomas the Train. And that? Kinda melts my heart.

Ben August 2008 zoo

Benjamin, this month you have done some extraordinary things. But each day with you is downright extraordinary. Thank you for all the hugs and kisses, outstretched arms and nosey-nosey games. Thank you for the morning snuggles and afternoon dancing and for helping put the produce in the bags at the grocery store. You do all of this with a great big bright smile and make these multiplying grey hairs tolerable.

I love you,


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3 Responses to “Mighty Mighty Benjamite: Month Twenty-Five”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Okay, I will just HAVE to turn on my home computer today to check out that video. Even without sound, it was freakin’ adorable.

  2. Mary Says:

    cute, cute cute.
    in case you do want to do adult zipping — there is a zipline place up near AUSTIN!!!!!! we’ve been… it’s great. and they have a treehouse. but you don’t get to read 5 words. but I could make you. I get to pick the words.

  3. Kim H. Says:

    You guys are so cute, and man… I wish I’d had classes when I was his age with ziplines!!