August 12, 2008


Yes. The Swimmy got home from camp.

Yes. She had an amazing time.

Yes. I am way late with this story.

In the middle of the hoopla of trying to pick her up, “hurricane” Edouard showed up. And, yes, hurricane should be lower case and in quotation marks because that was one weak ass storm by Houston standards. (Not that I’m totally complaining – I’ll take that over “Shit my furniture is floating down the street” any day. And twice on Sundays.)

So, needless to say, our logistical plans changed a bit and Husband decided to go up to Waco the night before so he could be the first one at the gates when they opened and could grab her and get back home.

He was number two and slightly disappointed. I was totally sad not to be there to see her running across the camp to say hi and sweep her up in my arms with a hug that would probably later cause me to be on painkillers for a back injury. Either way it worked out fine.

As I had guessed she came running and stopped only 2 steps in front of Husband to begin to cry that she had lost her favorite blue headband.

Camp Daddy and Swimmy Aug 2008

A normal trip back from Waco takes roughly 2 ½ hours. Husband decided to play it safe and drive towards Austin then down to Houston which means that the 2 ½ hour trip actually ended up taking close to six hours – but she was a real trooper about it.

Here’s Benjamin seeing her for the first time in 10 days. It is something I will remember forever.

Ben Sees Sissy Aug 2008 from Pammer on Vimeo.

The next hour was spent unloading luggage and sorting laundry and wondering if there was any grass left at camp because based on what was on the floor of our utility room she brought every blade home with her. She showed off her arts and crafts projects, talked about all the fun adventures she had, who her new friends were, how silly her cousins are and said she missed pizza the most and wanted it for dinner.

She has this thing for mail now. She loved writing it and really loved getting it and is now terribly disappointed when there is none for her each day.

I didn’t know what to expect when she came home. Would she be sassier? Would she want to do EVERYTHING herself? Would she be clingy? The truth is she came home the same hilarious kid that left 10 days before. She was tanner, a little bit taller and, yes, a little bit more capable, but all in all she came back happy. And that’s all I asked for.

When I asked her if she wanted to go back she answered, “YES! But not tomorrow. Next summer will be fine.”

Not a problem, honey. Next year will be just fine.

The next morning she slept until 9:15.

Camp Swimmy Aug 2008

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5 Responses to “Re-Entry”

  1. Nickolle Says:

    That video of MMB was awesome. It made me teary-eyed. I have told you before that your childen and mine are the same age. It is great to see how much love they have for their big sisters… I am glad that she a good time at camp, and you survived.

  2. mp Says:

    The video is awesome!! SISSY 🙂

  3. Kim H. Says:

    How sweet! I’m so glad she had a great time, and that Ben was so thrilled to see her! I can only imagine how that must have warmed your heart!

  4. MereCat Says:

    Wow, she looks likes a girl who is rapidly becoming a young lady. And Ben was adorable. So much love for his sissy!

  5. Laurie Says:

    That is so sweet! He was so happy to see her, but then was immediately distracted by Thomas – just like a boy! 🙂 Glad she had an awesome camp adventure! She looks older, may be just me though – these kids grow up so fast!