Mighty Mighty Benjamin: Month Twenty-Four

July 17, 2008


Dear Benjamin,

Today you are two years old. That’s the most unimpressive sentence every written here because you have been acting like a two-year old for well over a month now. Daddy and I are really not looking forward to the next several months if that is going to continue.

This month you went to your first summer camp at the local synagogue. You were the youngest in your class (by a year and sometimes by two) and I was a little concerned that might cause some problems – especially since you are still working on your language – but, man, was I ever wrong. After a week of fretting about it I emailed your teacher who assured me you were, indeed, holding your own. If the big boys were running in a circle yelling some silly word, you were right there with them.

Oh, good.

Ben tunnel

Your language is really starting to take hold and I can see where you are catching up quickly now. Some sounds still elude you here and there – and some clarity – but you are now easily using two word phrases and beginning to repeat three word phrases as well. Some favorites have been “big bubble” (pronounced beeg buh-bowl) and “Benjamin” (pronounced Dude-a-min). Your sister still gets a kick out of listening to you try to say things and currently her favorite is “sheep” (pronounced pees, which, incidentally, is also how you say “please”).

You love the water and swimming and think splashing is the most fun thing in the world. To help you get used to the water we’ve dunked you under a few times and you’ve been a real trooper – no crying at all. This fearless thing is great now, but I fear for what that may mean later.

Curlz July 2008

You are currently obsessed with Little Einsteins and the movie Cars. You would watch them for hours if I’d let you, but recently you lost one avenue of viewing – the DVD player in my old car. When I sold that car you had to suffer through a car ride with no movie and we, in turn, had to suffer right along with you. Endlessly. You have come to learn that not all cars have DVD players in them and are getting better at amusing yourself in the backseat, but it is still a very painful experience to be in a car with you these days. Can’t wait to drive to 4 hours to Austin with you in two weeks. Daddy’s packed extra Xanax.

But as obsessed as you are with certain TV shows it pales in comparison to your obsession with your sister, Swimmy. Never has a boy loved his sister so much. Swimmy has accompanied you to some speech therapy sessions this summer and all your teachers comment about how much you adore her. In fact, we used her to get you to start saying two word phrases. You wanted her to climb up the slide and we wouldn’t let her do it until you asked her yourself, so you plainly said, “Sissy up!” And there it was. I think she got a kick out of it as well. We’re bracing for when she leaves to go to sleep away camp – how in G-d’s name will you deal with her being gone for nine days? Again, we look to Daddy’s Xanax.

Swimmy Ben July 2008

And speaking of Daddy, let me tell you here how influential your father is in your life lest anyone wonder one moment further. Daddy and you were hanging out a few days ago after your Little Gym class and you wanted raisins for your snack. Daddy, jokingly, said to you, “Here. Don’t put them in your nose.” And guess what? The power of suggestion was all you needed to jam a raisin up your nose. But we didn’t know it for close to 45 minutes. No one could figure out why you were so cranky and for the life of me I have no idea why Daddy thought to look in your nose, but there it was. I don’t know who I was more flabbergasted with – him for thinking he could say something like that to you…or you for ACTUALLY DOING IT.

Ben tunnel 2

Buddy, this month was filled with frustrations and all that comes with that. I’m sure the months to follow Two are going to be no different. There were days when I thought this staying at home thing really sucked, but there were moments in each day that reminded me how lucky I am to have this opportunity to hang out with you. And as long as we have those little islands of sanity from time to time you and I will be just fine.

iron chef preschool 3

Let’s go have a cupcake.



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3 Responses to “Mighty Mighty Benjamin: Month Twenty-Four”

  1. Beth Says:

    You have the most beautiful children. Happy Birthday to the little dude.

  2. mp Says:

    How totally sweet… 🙂

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Heee… I love that he calls himself “Dude-a-min.” I’d totally encourage that, which is probably not a good thing.
    Happy Birthday, Dude-a-min!