Parent of the Year Entry #489521

July 13, 2008


Reasons your 2 year old could be inordinately cranky:

1. Fever or general illness.

2. Didn’t sleep well.

3. He’s TWO, dumbass.

4. Rampant Obama commercials.

5. He stuck a raisin up his nose and no one noticed.

Yep. 45 minutes later. He’s a genius that one.

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3 Responses to “Parent of the Year Entry #489521”

  1. Kim H. Says:

    Do you ever wonder what thought process leads to sticking a raisin up your nose? I mean honestly… in what world does that seem like a good idea?

  2. bill Says:

    Do I want to know how you got it out? Or do I just want to thank the stars that my daughter is waaaay past that?

  3. mp Says:

    45 minutes w/ a rasin in his funny…not REALLY but 🙂