Just doing my part for the economy. And sanity.

July 1, 2008


You may remember that in times of random, uh, randomness, I tend to sell things. Like, oh, say, my house.

Well. Has anyone seen gas prices lately? Yes? Right.

GOODBYE SUV loveliness. Hello practicality.

But I’ve skipped ahead.

A week ago I did the math on what I was spending for my car. This totally included the car payment and the gas each month. The total was over $1000.

And then my head exploded.

I had a lovely car. Really. Very cool. Very now. Totally tricked out. It was a nice car. A nice car that cost way too much and thanks to the lovely taxes levied upon the oil & gas companies (*cough* RED STATE *cough*) it was time to make a tough decision. It was time to sell.

Hmmm… sell a huge SUV with moderate gas mileage in the middle of rising gas prices? An interesting challenge. But, it was worth a shot, right? What’s the worst that could happen? “NO”? Whatever.

So, I listed it. For what I owed (no sense getting greedy). I got two phone calls within a week. And I was amazed. One family was truly interested and we negotiated for a day or so and, well, it sold. She paid a little more than she wanted to and I lost a little bit, but in the end? Wow. I sold it. Husband thinks I should write a book. He also worries I might sell other things out from under him and regularly checks his ass now.

And today I did something I’ve never done before. I bought a car on the internet sight unseen. (Okay, I had test driven a similar car earlier, but didn’t lay hands or eyes on this particular one.) And you know what? I’m thrilled.

I cut my payment to shreds. The car gets great gas mileage without succumbing to the tree-hugging (and expensive!) hybrids – and it’s fast and fun. Fifty gazillion other people own this car so I am squarely in ho hum America by owning this, but man, it sure feels good to get the budget back on track again.

There is one small problem, though. Benjamin has gotten used to the fact that a DVD player was part of his daily commute. This is no longer the case. The whining has reached Olympic skill levels.

Perhaps with the money I’m saving I can buy some more wine for the whine.

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5 Responses to “Just doing my part for the economy. And sanity.”

  1. heels Says:

    You can get decent car dvd players that aren’t built-in for pretty cheap these days. Might be worth it?
    What kinda car did you get? I’m a vehicle junkie! Just curious, not stalkery 😉

  2. bill Says:

    He’ll get over it. The son, that is. Husband, not too sure about.

  3. Sara Says:

    Yes, now I am curious about the car you got! Re: hybrids – here in the NW, they are a bit cheaper (largish compact = $12K), however the size we would want don’t actually get better gas mileage…so…it kind of defeats the purpose. My dad is a car crazy, so he happily provides me with all of the info I need, which is very handy! What is your gas down there? We are up to 4.19-4.30 depending.
    I hope the wining ceases soon! We make these mixes for L. and, even though we like them the first 20 times, after the 100th time, we are ready for it stop! Good luck — the wine does help (in the car). Just kidding, of course. Ha!
    P.S. Love your updates about Swimmy and her ADHD. Best of luck…

  4. Stephanie Says:

    Yeah… what kinda car? I wanna know too!

  5. Kim H. Says:

    I’d love to know too – but mainly because I’m looking at doing the same exact thing. My Expedition has been sitting in the garage these days – as we can only afford to keep one car gassed up and John’s truck takes the E85 gas that is cheaper. It ends up being a wash because it burns faster than regular gas, but we don’t drive it much at all… so it’s a little savings for us while I’m not working and he’s carpooling.