Adrenaline Junkie

June 11, 2008


There are some people who have a need to go mach 5 with their ass on fire down a mountain. Or skateboard down a stairway rail. Or drive a race car. I have no interest in those things that could land me in a hospital.

But I understand it.

I’ve come to understand that I am an adrenaline junkie, but of a different sort. I am addicted to the Deal. There is nothing more thrilling to me than the Pursuit of a deal — or more recently, a gift. The strategy, the plan, mitigating the risk – or deciding to take it anyway. Working the relationships. Making the connections. Networking. Figuring out how to get the “Yes”. Seeing the payoff — and actually getting it.

There is nothing like it.

This “retirement” thing is turning out to be challenging. Opportunities have presented themselves weekly and my inner junkie is SCREAMING to take them on. All of them. I am struggling with the balance of “Hey, there are some kids here — and they need to play bubbles” with “Oooohhhh…. that opportunity is unbelievable and I’m insane not to look at it.”

Today was a brutal reminder of what a loaded work schedule can do. I had a lunch meeting for a business opportunity. I have spent a good deal of time today on and off the computer — not unlike my previous “real job”. For the first time in a while, I saw Benjamin get frustrated for not having my full attention – and it bothered me.

There has got to be a way to do both. Right? Surely.

But, man, I haven’t figured it out yet. I’m kind of afraid I may not figure it out at all and for the first time ever I’m going to have to say no to opportunity.

Is there a 12 step program for that one?

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2 Responses to “Adrenaline Junkie”

  1. Tony Says:

    So you finally dragged me out of lurkerdom. No – you will never get over chasing the deal!! I’ve been selling for over 30 years and still enjoy the chase and, of course, the WIN!!
    If you are a professional (and I have seen you in action often enough to know that you are one of the finest) you get hooked and every project or mission becomes a challenge which you need to win. Love it!!

  2. Kim H. Says:

    The real ability that you’re learning here is to chose which opportunities are really worth your time, and which ones aren’t. I think it’s great that you have the ability to see Benjamin’s frustration and to realize that maybe this time – you’ll have to sit the opportunity out.
    In the long run though – maybe it is a sign that this isn’t the right deal for you, and that there is something better coming up in the future… just be patient and for heavens sake… don’t forget to play BUBBLES!