A whole new world

May 29, 2008



Can I just say that this (really) not working thing is astonishing? Seriously.

Besides the obvious (laundry gets done DURING THE WEEK, kids are happier, house is cleaner, blah-y, blah, blah) — I have discovered many, many things.

One Tree Hill reruns.

How did I never watch this show? Oh, yeah, I’m 37. If I was going to rob the cradle, there’s a good chance I’d be doing it with Chad Michael Murray. Unless Justin Timberlake and his happy hips showed up for a dance off.

National Geographic Backyard Smackdown

We have a birdhouse in our backyard up on a pole. Apparently squirrels AND two kids of birds inhabit it in various intervals. A small mockingbird (Texas!) fell out of it and the Pfluftagus found it — and began to fling it around. No less than FOUR mockingbirds were dive bombing her in an attempt to get her to stop. (She was too stupid to get the point.) It was like an old WWII movie scene out my window.


Jesus this is the greatest invention under the sun. I am slowly catching up on the movies I have missed the past decade 5 years. And for the record? Russell Crowe TOTALLY earned the Oscar for A Beautiful Mind. And? My queue is like 40 deep.

Baby Stuff

Hello, universe? Sippy cups SUCK! They LEAK. And carseats?! BITE. This kid is going to be swigging from shot glasses and in a booster seat as fast as I can get him there.


I miss having extra money. There. I said it.

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2 Responses to “A whole new world”

  1. Kim H. Says:

    How funny… I too am a One Tree Hill fan – and I’m not ashamed! I’ve watched from the begining – back when it was the WB and was good! I was also a HUGE fan of Gilmore Girls.
    Sounds like an interesting National Geographic moment – maybe you should scrap writing and make documentaries? HA!
    I’m glad you’re enjoying retirement too – even if mine is temporary – it’s GREAT!

  2. Kerrie Says:

    I’m finally making my way through all the blogs from DGM. Gotta say though honey – you’re just now seeing A Beautiful Mind? You ARE a bit late.