Pay Me

May 23, 2008


I am currently in discussions with a few folks about some contract / project work and some have asked to review a copy of my resume. I haven’t really updated or edited it in two years and the level of bulleted detail makes my head explode. Instead of working for hours to try to edit my resume I decided to write my version of an executive bio. Yeah, it needs some editing, but here’s the first shot. Take a look.

Would you hire me? Yes? Awesome.

I’m gonna need a signing bonus, access to the company jet and all the cheesecake I can devour.

Oh, and some money.

A recovering IT consultant and sales executive Pam is often called an old soul in high heels.

A graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1992 with a degree in Communications, she could wrap a message around anything but not get paid for doing it. Graduate school at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston earned her a post-baccalaureate degree in BioMedical Communications / Instructional Design as well as a paycheck and experience with her first of many global consulting firms. One year later a Masters degree in Education from the University of Houston opened the door to her technology career as well as her corporate education experience.

Often brought into prospective sales discussions as a content expert, Pam got a taste for business development and her career took a turn towards a quota. With a consultative selling approach Pam consistently exceeded goals and expected her operational partners to exceed client expectations.

The dot com era stretched Pam’s skills into the investor and partner relations area. She opened the doors to executive offices at such companies as eBay and the American Express Bank. Unfortunately, INTERPOL closed those doors on her shifty Board of Directors and her stock options were as valuable as Kleenex.

Pam returned to the world of large-scale executive sales and leveraged her contacts in the energy sector to help build an energy practice for a Plano, Texas-based technology company best known for its previous, large-eared, independent presidential candidate CEO who loved his charts. Working with a team of smart and eternally visionary people kept her engaged, but the billion-dollar deals, long hours and endless trips to Plano wore out her soul.

In what could have been considered a moment of lunacy due to insomnia, she decided to chuck her previously lucrative career to work in the world of healthcare philanthropy where she did, indeed, make a difference. And slept like a baby. As her legacy, she leaves Development Boards designed to sustain the growth strategy of the institutions she supported built with powerful community leaders committed to success.

Currently Pam is leveraging her communications background, client and physician relationships and work in healthcare to pursue a writing career. You will find her work in several, high-profile local magazines and, with a little time and attention, some national ones as well.

Her family includes her husband, three daughters (ages 28, 22 and 7), son (22 mos.) and son-in-law (28) and the most high-strung dog ever to walk the earth.

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4 Responses to “Pay Me”

  1. bill Says:

    I’m pretty sure you had me stunned at the ‘old soul in high heels’ .

  2. Kim H. Says:

    Hysterical… I love it and it totally has a flair of Pammer like no resume could!

  3. Hazel Says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually use this?? I’d hire you in a heartbeat!

  4. MereCat Says:

    Why couldn’t you actually use this? It’s great. Particularly for a career in writing.