What' next?! Her driver's license?!

March 23, 2008


Something happened this Spring Break that I have been dreading for some time now. I knew it was coming. I knew I couldn’t stop it. I know this because Nature always wins.

(Write that down.)

The Swimmy lost her first tooth.


Yes. This bothers me. It’s like watching a sad little strawberry plant’s flower petals start to drop off as we wait for the berry. Her Little Girl smile is turning awkward – full of loose and crowded teeth as other Big Girl teeth start to show up and shove the others around like bullies on a playground.

Swimmy tooth extraction 3 mar 2008

And I’m kinda mad at those big teeth. I don’t know this new smile full of holes and crookedness hinting at years to come full of braces and make up and bad poetry written in diaries and, ugh, boys.

And I look at that little tooth (she has named “Princess” for reasons unknown to logical adults) and marvel at how TINY it is. As she was tearing up over the loss of the tooth, the blood and how “different” she looked in the mirror, I pointed out that that tooth is the same size as what Benjamin has in his mouth. That’s how long she’s had baby teeth. Almost six years.

We both sat there and were kind of amazed by that.

And then, of course, there was The Coming of the Tooth Fairy.

She wanted to make sure the Tooth Fairy knew that she wanted to KEEP the tooth. DON’T TAKE THE TOOTH. Could I remember to tell the Tooth Fairy that? When does the Tooth Fairy come? When I’m asleep? Mommy, what time do you go to sleep? Don’t forget, okay?

Okay. I promise.

Daddy, however, forgot and when she woke up the next morning was none too pleased to find the tooth missing. Daddy being the Pro that he is promptly stated, “It’s in Mommy’s jewelry box – where she keeps all her precious things – that’s why the Tooth Fairy put it there.”

Nice save.

I’ve hidden my sadness from her these past few days – and I know it too shall pass. Because even though a petal has fallen, and time has passed, I know how sweet the berry is. And she is, by far, one of the most delicious things in life.

Little girl smile mar 2008 Swimmy tooth aftermath Mar 2008

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