Open Letter: Bringin’ the Heat

March 12, 2008


Dear Mystery Fever,

Get off me.

How is it that you have shown up two nights in a row with no other symptoms only to make me miserable with the achy joints and sensitive skin? Seriously? My hair hurts.

This family is so very tired of The Sick that seems to be stalking us like a psycho Jodie Foster fan. Leave already. We’ve taken every medicine, wiped the house down with Lysol and power feng shui-ed. It’s Spring here. You can go now.

Wondering if snorting Advil would make it act faster,


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One Response to “Open Letter: Bringin’ the Heat”

  1. jaime Says:

    Honey, I don’t think that’s a mystery. Sounds like the flu to me! Add a cough and that’s how I spent the second week of February.
    Kick its ass!