Mighty Mighty Benjamite: Month Nineteen

February 27, 2008


Dear Benjamin,

Look! A post! In the month it should be! I think that deserves golf claps at least.

This month has been a bit rough, little man. Right now, you are suffering with yet another virus-du-jour complete with high fever, general crankiness, full-on snot and antibiotics that are friends to the tushie. Last week was the first week and weekend you managed to stay well in 3 weeks. Not so fun. But even through your pitifulness, you still smile and laugh at little things and that makes the woah okay.

Please Jan 2008

The other thing we’ve discovered (or, really, confirmed) is that you do, indeed, have a speech delay. You try and try to say some words – and some you actually pull off – but it appears you need a little extra help. We’re about to embark on a series of changes and tests which may or may not be invasive – but they will certainly be disruptive and expensive. Daddy and I aren’t worried about the outcomes. We just want you to catch up a bit.

But even through your little sound struggles you manage to pull out some great moments. The other day Dodi came over to play and when I asked you later that night who came to visit you piped up immediately and said “Oh-dee!” with great enthusiasm and purpose. We giggled and then immediately called “Odi” to announce her name has forever been changed. She just about exploded with glee. I can’t blame her.

BenjaHorn Feb 2008

Then one day you were running around babbling – or what we thought was babbling ‘til the word started to sound vaguely familiar. “Zeh-beh-Zay” suddenly had the intonation of “Benjamin” and we figured it out. I asked you if you were saying Benjamin and you nodded and smiled so proudly. And straight to the baby book I ran. We’re slow, but we eventually figure it out.

And in that theme of “G-d help me you are wearing me the hell out” – we now do not look for you on the floor. We have to look UP. Because you have learned how to climb. Everything. I walked into our bedroom the other day and found you 2.5 feet up on our as-of-yet-not-decorated-window-seat. Just sittin’ there smilin’ like, “Hey! Look what I did?!”

Yeah. Look what you did.

BenjaGym Feb 2008

We’ve now instituted a whole new level of Benjamin defense but Daddy and I are pretty much ready to give up and just hand the house over to you and your sister. You win.

Benjamin, the next few months are going to be hard. For everyone. But seeing how sweet and loving and fun you are each day will make it easier. Don’t worry, Little Dude, Daddy and I will be right there with you. After all, you’re our little Zeh-beh-Zey.

My Boy Feb 2008



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2 Responses to “Mighty Mighty Benjamite: Month Nineteen”

  1. Kathryn Foulkes-Baker Says:

    Begone nasty bugs!
    Benjamin is just the cutest 🙂
    Judging by one of those photos the Swimmy is still doing gym? Be warned – my youngest hung around the gym from birth due to big sister and is now in competitve gymnastics, just like big sis. Fortunately this is NZ so not the full on big deal that it can be in the US I think.

  2. Chris Says:

    Awesome. He’s growing up so fast!!