Five Year Difference

February 20, 2008


The Swimmy and Benjamin are five years apart in age. In other ways as well, but when it comes to the 2 1/2 hours after school they are never apart. They are always together.

Always. This is Benjamin’s choice.

Benjamin must be with The Swimmy wherever she goes. If she’s in my bedroom. HE must be in my bedroom. If she runs into the kitchen, HE runs into the kitchen. If she is in the bathtub, by G-d he wants in the bathtub, too.

This is cute for about 17 minutes. And then?

“Mommy! Benjamin has my water bottle!”

“Swimmy, you haven’t wanted that water bottle in 3 days. Now he has it and you want it. Ain’t workin’ that way.”

“Mommy! Benjamin hit me!”

“Swimmy, he didn’t hit you. He wants you to play and doesn’t have the words so he’s trying to get your attention. Play g-ddamnit!”

(okay, that last part was in my head.)

“Mommy! I don’t want to read this book to Benjamin!”

“Swimmy, for the love of G-d, could you please read him the book one time? I have got to go to the bathroom. And drink.”

(again, in my head.)

“Mommy! Benjamin has your Blackberry!”


“Benjamin! Bring me my toy, please. Thaaaaannnnkkkk you.”

(*checks to make sure he didn’t email jibberish or a snide email to CEO*)

(*realizes child has grown YET AGAIN and finds higher shelf to store technology*)

“Mommy! Benjamin is grabbing at my school folder!”

“How might you solve that problem?”

“Moving it away from him.”

“Good idea. Or you could go upstairs and read instead.”

“But then I wouldn’t be with him.”


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2 Responses to “Five Year Difference”

  1. Kathryn Foulkes-Baker Says:

    My two children are also 5 years apart. And, just like yours, the younger adores being with the elder waaaay more than the elder wants to be with the younger. Although, when elder wants a living doll, having a younger sibling is suddenly ok….

  2. Nickolle Says:

    My Hannah and Mason are 5 years apart as well. Mason can hear the school bus 3 stops ahead of our house. Whenever his sister, Hannah, walks in the door he is all over her. They eat snack together. They do everything together. Does he get on her nerves? Well hell yes he does. But she know that around 5:30 he will be getting his nighttime bath and going to bed around 6:00 and the house is all hers.
    It is really sweet how much they actually love each other. Hope it stays that way.