If you need me, I'll be HERE

February 16, 2008


People. OMG. If you are in any way interested in food you need to go to TasteSpotting. Right now.

I already have a list. And I’m gonna have to really quit my job just so I’ll have time to cook all of this.


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One Response to “If you need me, I'll be HERE”

  1. Judy Says:

    i got a site for you. i told her about your blog. i went to her place for brunch when i was in chicago. we were the guests for the brunch. she’s my friend’s nephew and wife. she’s really talented. i guess you’re ready for the site? http://www.ourkitcensink.wordpress.com
    i’m willing to try anything you want to cook.
    i’m nice like that===except when someone runs into the back of me