You just know

February 15, 2008


There are several friends and blogfriends who are either pregnant, just had a baby, or, unfortunately, just lost a baby.

And, you know, that’s great – except that last thing.

But I am SO done with pregnancy and babies.

I have a friend who often frets over whether or not she’s “done”. And the answer has always been, “When you’re done, you just know.” I knew the minute Benjamin was born. Even before. We are DONE.

D to the Un.

Being a mom makes you wise. Having been pregnant makes you a g-ddamned genius.

Things I can do having experienced both:

Spot a pregnant woman even if she’s 3 weeks pregnant and doesn’t know yet.

Know if a baby is hungry by its cry.

Tell if your kid is gonna end up dancing on a pole (or something similar). So. Very. Obvious.

Do almost anything one-handed and/or with a 27-pound weight on my left side.

Know that when a pregnant woman asks you a question about pregnancy or labor, there is a bigger question behind that one each and every time.

Spot people who under no circumstances should be allowed to be a parent.

Live in the moment.

That last one’s a biggee. Not many people get it. But kids give that to you.

And sometimes it’s wrapped up with lots of tape, tons of stickers and smeared marker that reads “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mommy.”

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One Response to “You just know”

  1. Chris Says:

    D to the Un. Ha. I think I know exactly how that feels.