Mighty Mighty Benjamite: More Than Quarterly Re-cap: Months Fourteen thru Eighteen

January 19, 2008


Dear Benjamin,

Again, Mommy’s a little late. But you see, Little Dude, there has been much afoot around your home these past weeks and, well, the blogging? Notsomuch.

What a bunch of months. Really.

Although you are truly becoming quite the little person each day, there is a lot that happened to you these months that you have no idea about. First, you lost your grandfather after a hard-fought, six-month battle against lung cancer. You may not have a lot of memories of your Grandpa Gene, but, believe me, he loved you very much. We’ve gone through a lot of his things at his house and come across some of his baby pictures and OH MY G-D it’s YOU! Blue eyes and all.

As you grow up, you’ll hear a lot about your Grandpa Gene – and we’ll still get to see him in your face. It’s obvious you have his eyes, but I also hope you have his heart, intellect and kindness. And, don’t worry, he’s around watching you play, learn and grow. This we know.

In the middle of all this your Daddy and I decided we’d pull the trigger on a unique opportunity that presented itself to us and sell our house. You were a real trooper about all the cleaning and the putting away and all the endless showings that were constantly disrupting dinners. To you, it was just another adventure to Dodi and Zayde’s house for hours on end – and that is never bad!


Shortly after you turned 15 months we moved to our new house. We painted your room the same to help the transition, but I know this was a big change for you. But look at it this way…you gained STAIRS which you love to climb, regardless of what I think. And you handled it like a champ – it was if the other house never existed, which surprised me a little.

For many months you weren’t saying any words really clearly or consistently which might have caused me to anxiously Google “speech delay” at 7:30 in the morning one day, but, that’s okay. I can tell you’re working on it. Still. Diligently. And I’ll be patient. At 14 months you started saying “Dada” a little more regularly and when you point to a picture of Daddy and the other night actually busted out with “Nigh-Nigh” when I said Night-Night. These days you scream “DAAADDDYYY!” when he comes home in the evenings, but still no other “real” words. You are, however, having some very intent discussions with Elmo and Ernie. I hope they’re listening, otherwise it appears there’ll be hell to pay.

Thanksgiving 2007

A few months ago you started pointing at things when I say a word or when you want me to say a word. These days we label and name EVERYTHING. Your favorite game is sitting at the dinner table pointing to everyone to make me say their names as fast as you can point. You have a little flat, wood, barn-looking toy with doors that flip open which hide a chicken, a cow and a horse. It is your favorite toy currently and you spend all kinds of time flipping those doors open and pointing to those three animals and grinning when I say their names and what sound they make. You also love to point at a picture of Daddy and I in The Swimmy’s room each morning and say “Da!”. You point to a picture of ArtsyDaughter as well, but you can’t pronounce her name yet. But at the end of this exercise you break into a huge grin – and that’s a great way to wake up each morning.

BenjaLid November 2007

Your other favorite things to do this month are anything having to do with diapers. You love to play with them, take them out of the bags, walk around with them and have them changed. All I have to do is say “Let’s get a diapee!” and you drop what you’re doing, pop right up and run as fast as your little legs can take you to our room laughing and smiling the whole time. And you MUST see what Sesame Street character is on the diaper before we put it on. MUST. In case you were wondering, Ernie is your favorite. What a dude.

You finally got a taste of ice cream from your Zayde and, for a while, did actually say “iiii—seeem” when you wanted some. You know it’s in the freezer and you are not shy about walking over and pointing to it. We have undoubtedly created a frozen treat monster. Dats my boy.

Sunni's Bed

The other major change for you is that we let your Nanny and our Housekeeper, Maria, go last month. It was a long time coming, but we finally did it and now you go to a little school The Swimmy attended in our neighborhood. The first few days were a little rough, but now you love it. You laugh, play, eat, sleep and learn happily every day. I love to see your art work that you make and I notice you are trying harder than ever to talk. Your teachers adore you and you love to go outside on their very cool playground.


The backlash for this has been that you have gotten sick. Not major fever or throwing up sick, but equally as painful viruses that causes awful little sores to pop up on your tongue. They kept you from eating or drinking, which made you hungry, which kept you from sleeping, which kept US from sleeping and the whole mess started over again for 10 glorious days. It over now. For you. Somehow I now have the damn things and they do, indeed, suck.

You had to take antibiotics, which tore up your stomache and caused some messy, but oddly odor-free diaper explosions. This made you cute little tushie a little raw and the pediatrician told us to let you walk around outside with no diaper on to allow air to get to it. You thought this was a WONDERFUL idea. I watched you pee all over our brand new deck. Either way, it made you feel better and we got pictures like this in exchange.

Pantless Stroll

Finally, you love your Little Gym class that you play at every Saturday. Today was your “graduation” where you got a ribbon and got to show everyone how awesome you are at throwing your little self about. I now see why Daddy comes home so tired after those. Here is some video of you below that should pretty much be titled “Why We Don’t Have Enough Insurance”.

Not Enough Insurance from Pammer on Vimeo.

Benjamin, you are my Little Buddy. Everything about you from your messy smile to your sparkling blue eyes to the mop o’ blonde curls that stack up on the top of your head makes me smile. I never understood how boys could be “sweet”, but because of you I now get it. And I’m so glad I got you.

Ben and Swimmy Hanukah 2007



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  1. stephanie Says:

    Oh my gosh, he has gotten so BIG! What a handsome little bugger he is. 🙂 Love those blond curls!