2008: A Theme

January 1, 2008


The Swimmy’s school has a curriculum piece that deals with a key character trait each week. For example, “Responsible” or “Truthful”. You get the picture.

Well, before school let out they had one that would last for the entire month. One elementary school put it on the billboard/marquis on its lawn: “Kindness”.

In true Swimmy fashion, the other day she announced that, oh, by the way, the character trait for the rest of 2007 was “Kidness”. (Dyslexia, anyone?)

I kinda like hers better.

Here’s wishing each and everyone of you a healthy, happy 2008 full of kidness. Be kid to each other. 😉

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One Response to “2008: A Theme”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    “kidness” reminds me of several discussions we have had with the adoption team – about making sure that our children will be allowed to be children, and we will try to deflect “growing up” from them for as long as possible.
    Kids grow up too fast these days (grumble grumble) – whatever happened to climbing trees, dressing up in cardboard boxes, and playing pirates?