December 26, 2007


The following is a list of questions I’ve gotten (and had to ANSWER) in the past two weeks. Some were even within the same DAY. This is why I have been so silent – my HEAD HURTS.

1. Mommy, did G-d invent himself?

2. Given how you feel about divorce, and that Husband had been married twice before, how did you get comfortable that marrying him would be “okay” and not end up in yet another divorce?

3. Mommy, did G-d give EVERYONE the 10 Commandments?

4. Mommy, how old will you be when you die?

5. How, in G-d’s name, did the American Express bill end up THAT HIGH?! (That one was easy – Hanukah and tons and tons of business expenses. Tons. OMG TONS.)

6. Do you think she’s happy in her marriage? (Also easy: NO.)

7. Why would someone decide to file for divorce the Friday before Christmas with a four-year old son involved?! (Yeah, my head just about exploded on that one.)

8. Do you really want this car?

9. What’s for dinner?

See? Headache. And? Dude.

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4 Responses to “Questions”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Oh man, wow. Yeah, not ready for kids yet. Don’t have answers to most of those questions.
    However, #8? Yes. I do. Whichever it is, yes please.

  2. Bill Says:

    Wow. The only question I had this week was “Do you have these in stock?” and the answer was “Yes.”

  3. Nickolle Says:

    I get asked #2 a lot. All I have to say to them is, “Third time is a charm.”

  4. Chris Cactus Says:

    So far we’ve avoided many of the tough questions. But it’s only a matter of time.
    Happy new year!!