The Pantry Files

October 23, 2007


Can someone please explain to me why on G-d’s green earth I have 16 boxes of Jello in my pantry that I now have to pack?

Also? 3 tins of cream of tartar? Was I having some sort of meringue crisis? WTF?

And did you know Tabasco sauce can, indeed, go bad? Yes. Ew.

It also appears I have no less than FOUR boxes of sandwich bags. And The Swimmy stopped taking her lunch regularly last year (it’s much cooler to buy lunch, you know). Maybe I can use those for my raging coke business and write them off as business expenses.

But the ingredients for coconut creme pie? Totally coming.

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3 Responses to “The Pantry Files”

  1. Chris Cactus Says:

    I sense a big jello and meringue bonanza in your family’s future.

  2. tam Says:

    Love your blog. I moved in May and I feel your Pantry Pain. The best part about your post was the cream of tartar (I have never admitted to anyone that I had 4 tins of that stuff in the pantry. Was I hording all this cream of tartar for when my neighbors came knocking to borrow it..uh who borrows cream of tartar…it is not like it is sugar. I exposed my dirty little cream of tartar secret thanks to YOU BLOG.

  3. Bill Says:

    I kept finding Mandarin Oranges. YEARS past the expiration date. I don’t even remember buying them during the Ming Dynasty.
    Some had quietly EXPLODED and were stuck to the shelf in a black, sticky ooze that, luckily, cleaned up easily although disgustingly.
    I’ve got a few swollen cans of refried beans from my Pancho Villa era if you want them.