October 15, 2007


Well, today I signed my name 9 gafrillion times. I sold my house and bought another one. We did it. We pulled it off. And I’m mentally exhausted. Happy, but mentally exhausted.

Last night before we fell asleep, I told Husband how strange it felt. Today I sit in my house, but it is no longer “my” house. I am a renter for 11 more days in home limbo.

I will tell you that the chase is more interesting than the win. The effort to pull off the impossible was more fun than the signatures. But, I will also tell you, that I am looking forward to living in our new home. I can’t wait for the day that all the boxes are unpacked, all the pictures have been hung in their specific places, all the accessories have been placed carefully in their decorative place, and the kids are padding around the house in the jammies with morning faces and bed head and the first thought in my head is not “okay, I just have to tackle this one room…”

I’m thinking that could be February 2009.

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2 Responses to “Anticlimactic”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    It seems everybody has a horror story to relate about moving houses. We have ours but I will not tell it here – don’t want to clog your blog up.
    Congrats on signing the papers – will be looking forward to the new house posts in the near future!

  2. Chris Cactus Says:

    It is a weird feeling, isn’t it? Our previous house was our first house. It was kinda sad when we no longer owned it. Sadder still when it was completely empty.