October 6, 2007


Dear Poppy,

I cannot tell you how much I need your help at this very moment. The last time we talked, you told me about a special picture The Swimmy made in school. It is a piece of paper that has an outline of a bird and, with the help of her teacher, she used some glue and placed real feathers on the bird. It has hung on our refrigerator since the day she made it – before we even knew how special it was.

When we decided to sell the house, we had to open it up for showings. To make the kitchen look better, we took everything off the refrigerator. I meticulously took all the magnets from family trips and put them in a ziploc bag so as not to lose any. I culled through old school calendars and lunch menus. I took all the special pictures and put them in a group. And I know I took all the other special and important pieces of paper and put them in a file folder.

But somehow that picture is not where it is supposed to be.

I am sick thinking about the fact that I can’t find this picture. I have racked my brain trying to remember what I did, where it could be. I’ve gone through every piece of paper in every cabinet and drawer. I keep trying to “see” its location, but I can’t.

I know there’s a possibility that I’ve accidentally thrown this away, but I’m trying not to believe that’s what’s happened. I could never forgive myself if I did something so careless to something so irreplaceable.

I am just desperate, completely at a loss and so disappointed in myself to be asking for this kind of help. But, please, if you could, let me find it like I found the pearls. Thank you.



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One Response to “Help”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Hope you find it! I am incredibly lucky – my parents kept most of our school stuff in a huge suitcase that lived in the attic for years. Now we’re all grown up, the delight children get from seeing our school work is fantastic.