October 4, 2007


I would like to announce that I am a genius. Maggie said so.

I ordered Maggie’s very amusing book a few weeks ago. (And, really, you should, too. Just sayin’.) Patiently I waited for it to arrive.

(Okay, maybe not really. Maybe I had forgotten I had ordered it what with all the house selling, house buying, not house selling and still house buying going on…)

But yesterday I went to my mailbox and there it was! A package! For me! From Mighty Mighty Media. (Great name.) I was so excited. I ran inside, dumped all the mail on the table, careful to separate all the good catalogs from the annoying grocery store circulars and tore into the package to find my new book. The book that would help me break through the blog “blahs” and “blocks”. The book that will, some days, be my everloving web-crutch. Get ready.

And as I opened the cover to peer inside at all its inspiration, there it was.

Pam, you’re a genius.

You would think, having been raised in the South with a somewhat proper upbringing, that the first thought in my head would have been, “Awww. Thanks, Maggie!” Accept the compliment! But you would be wrong.

My first thought was, “Why?! WHY does this brilliant blogger / writer / Innernet rockstar think I’m a genius?! No WAY.”

And then I got a little sad. And maybe a little annoyed.

Because my NEXT thought was, “Why on G-d’s green earth did I NOT just ACCEPT the compliment?!”

I used to do that. I worked hard at doing that. I bucked female nature on purpose to accept compliments and not play that tiresome game of, “Aw shucks, no, not really, little ol’ me…” I did it with clients, friends, volunteers, employers and employees and I did it well for years.

So what happened this time?

I have no idea.

But, truth be told, the rockstars of the Internet still awe me a little. They have changed media, built something where there was nothing and that something has exploded into infinite numbers of little pieces of web real estate — a small piece of which I own right here.

I am not a coder, a developer, a designer or a writer and people like Maggie floor me with their talent and vision.

I have a lot to say and I spent some time saying some of it here. It would be nice to think that some of my stories, opinions or insights make some sort of difference in the world – but I have no illusions that this little, unbelievably purple piece of the web makes me a genius.

Maybe I’m a genius because I can use Moveable Type.

Maybe I’m a genius because I can think beyond myself from time to time.

Maybe I’m a genius because I can navigate PayPal.

Maybe I’m a genius because I have a marriage that is important and lasting.

Maybe I’m a genius because I can, in fact, put on liquid eyeliner.

Maybe I’m a genius because I can throw one helluva tight spiral.

Maybe not.

But, today, I am a genius. And to that I say, “Thank you, Maggie.”

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3 Responses to “Announcement”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Am I allowed to say that I think you’re blog is great? (which is sort of an indirect compliment)
    I’ve thought about writing a book about the technical side of blogging (it’s sort of my job, so I know this stuff), but wonder if there’s really a market for it when so many resources exist online…

  2. stephanie Says:

    I would say that all of those things do make you a genius, but especially the ability to put on liquid eyeliner. That is one skill I will never ever be able to grasp.

  3. Judy Says:

    I’ve always known you’re a genius. Should I have been telling you? Couldn’t you read my mind? I am the proud aunt of a genius. I am telling the world. I had 2 drinks tonight. 🙂 I’m in Maine and it is not cold. WTF