One Day into First Grade

August 28, 2007


Yesterday The Swimmy started first grade. There’s no denying it – she’s a “big girl” now. No more special entrances, no more kid gloves. She gets homework, some autonomy and is no longer “the littlest” at school.

She was so excited. All weekend she kept reminding us how many days were left before the start of school. It was a g-ddamned academic countdown to the Biggest Party of the Year in her little mind. My friends! My crayons! My notebooks! The Playground! BUYING my lunch! She couldn’t wait.

And really? I was looking forward to it as well. A little more structure, a few more things to do, back to really reading and writing again…but, yesterday surprised me a little.

It wasn’t so bad to see her off to Kindergarten last year. But this year she just seemed so much older. First grade. It has a number, not a cute little name like Kindergarten.

I’m thankful that she’s still excited about school and the little things like school supply shopping. I pray that she is always excited about learning and new experiences. I wish for her not only knowledge, but wisdom, and a sense of appreciation for the educational opportunities in front of her.

And one day into first grade, I couldn’t be prouder of her.

Day One: First Grade

Goofy First Grader

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One Response to “One Day into First Grade”

  1. ali Says:

    yay for first grade! she looks adorable!