More Pitiful Than It Should Have Been

August 26, 2007


Benjamin does not wear shoes. Not because he’s a hillbilly, not because we can’t afford them, but because I’ve always believed that if kids can’t feel the floor, they can’t learn to walk.

(Also? He has the fattest/tallest feet known to a 13 month old.)

But, he’s walking now. Almost running. And it occurred to us by some very LOUD and BOISTEROUS and LOUD AGAIN type announcements on his part that he is SO VERY DONE with his stroller when we go places. He wants OUT and he wants to walk around.

But? No shoes. Until yesterday.

Off to Stride Rite we go because isn’t there some parent law that says you must go to Stride Rite for the first shoes? And who am I laugh in the face of a LAW.

We decide a little pair of sneakers would be our best option. (Oh, and just so you know, these 6″ long sneakers were more expensive than the last pair of shoes I bought. Bite me, Stride Rite.) It’s not like he’s headed out to a club or anything… We size his foot (6 if you’re playing the Home Game) and slip them on as he smiled and looked at us like, “WOW! These are cool! Just like you, Daddy!”

And then? He sat down. It was as if we had removed his feet. He wouldn’t use them and just reverted to crawling around the store for several minutes. He couldn’t feel the floor so it must not have existed, right?

After several more minutes he attempted to stand up, but he didn’t care for that either and sat back down. Finally he got it together a little and stood up again — looking around like, “Uh? Now what?”

I had an idea! I took my cell phone (also known as The Most Wanted Toy to Put in a Baby’s Mouth) and put it a few steps away. And what do ya know? He wanted it so badly that he took a tentative step towards it.

And fell flat on his face.

Lather, rinse, repeat a few more times and he finally got comfortable in his new SuperFastShoes and he, uh, took off running around the store.


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3 Responses to “More Pitiful Than It Should Have Been”

  1. Jen Says:

    This post had me CRACKING UP.
    All I could picture was a scene in The Birdcage, where Agadore says he can’t wear shoes because they make him fall down. He is made to wear the shoes, and as he goes to answer the door, he falls flat on his face.
    Benjamite is so adorably cute!!

  2. Nickolle Says:

    I totally hear you on the whole not wearing shoes. But I feel exactally the way you do when either we take the daily trip to Target or the mall. I feel like everyone is staring at me because Mason Cade does not have shoes on. He is 1month older than MMB and is still not walking. only a few step at a time. but when he starts to get better off the Stride Rite we go. I had to wear those gawd awful shoes daughter Hannah as well (They did get more stylish in the 25 year gap from mother to child).
    But shoes do make the look like such Big Boys.

  3. Judy Says:

    I wear a size 6 too 🙂 I guess it runs in the family